Healing Waters: The Story of Pah Tempe Hot Springs

We’re simultaneously releasing three different versions of Healing Waters, so just pick whichever version of the film you prefer, and sit back and enjoy! (You can make it go full-screen with the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video)

Healing Waters (Final Cut: 49 Minutes)

This version of "Healing Waters:The Story of Pah Tempe Hot Springs" includes introductory interviews on the Native American era (Act I) and Mormon/pioneer era histories around Pah Tempe Hot Springs, followed by a full set of interviews surrounding the Anderson family's struggle to preserve the hot springs for future generations (Act III). Enjoy!

You can watch an extended cut with more detailed historical information in Acts I & II, here: vimeo.com/healingwaters/thestoryofpahtempe-extendedhistoricalcut

Or, you can skip to Act III, the Anderson family's struggle, 1984-present, here: vimeo.com/healingwaters/thestoryofpahtempe-andersonfamilycut



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